AHS Mathematics Department

Math success help is available with our Student Success teacher, Rola Wansa.
Help in all subjects is available via Google Meet at times during the day. Ask your teachers.

Helpful Online Tools   Videos: Math Skills  
 Desmos    Round to nearest tenth
 Mathies Learning Tools
   Add / Subtract Integers
 Geometers Sketchpad download    Multiply / Divide Integers
 Geogebra    Add / Subtract Fractions
 Math Antics    Divide (and Multiply) Fractions
 Khan Academy    Exponent Properties
 Mathies Activities    Solve 1 and 2 Step Equations
 Mathies Games    Perimeter / Circumference
 Wolfram Alpha    Area of flat shapes
 Graphing Software    Surface Area (Triangular Prism)
 Gizmos Simulations    Surface Area (Cylinder)
 Math Is Fun!    Volume
 Where I Excel in Math    Pythagorus Demonstration

   Plotting Points
     Graph line  y = mx + b
     Graph line Ax + By = C


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