AHS Mathematics Department

Math success help is available to any student during lunch each Tuesday and Thursday. 
Come to Room 410. 
Please also consider being a peer tutor occasionally or regularly (and earn volunteer hours).

Helpful Online Tools   Videos: Math Skills  
 Desmos    Round to nearest tenth
 Mathies Learning Tools
   Add / Subtract Integers
 Geometers Sketchpad download    Mulitply / Divide Integers
 Geogebra    Add / Subtract Fractions
 Khan Academy    Divide (and Multiply) Fractions
 Mathies Activities    Exponent Properties
 Mathies Games    Solve 1 and 2 Step Equations
 Wolfram Alpha    Perimeter / Circumference
 Graphing Software    Area of flat shapes
 Gizmos Simulations    Surface Area (Triangular Prism)
     Surface Area (Cylinder)
     Pythagorus Demonstration
     Graph line  y = mx + b
     Graph line Ax + By = C


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