AHS Mathematics Department

Math success help is available daily with our Student Success teachers in room 318.
Online help in Math and English is available after school. For details: OCDSB Virtual Tutoring

Ontario Secondary Mathematics Curriculum:  click here 

Helpful Online Tools   Videos: Math Skills  
 Desmos    Round to nearest tenth
 Virtual Algebra Tiles    Add / Subtract Integers
 Mathenaeum    Multiply / Divide Integers
 Geogebra    Add / Subtract Fractions
 Math Antics    Divide (and Multiply) Fractions
 Khan Academy    Exponent Properties
 Polypad    Solve 1 and 2 Step Equations
 Mathigon    Perimeter / Circumference
 Wolfram Alpha    Area of flat shapes
 Graphing Software    Surface Area (Triangular Prism)
 Gizmos Simulations    Surface Area (Cylinder)
 Math Is Fun!    Volume
 Where I Excel in Math    Pythagorus Demonstration
 Online Statistics Calculator    Plotting Points
 TVO Learn (High school)    Graph line  y = mx + b
 Ontario Learn At Home    Graph line Ax + By = C

Math Word Banks:   Splash Learn   and

New students to AHS
If you register at AHS and previously were at school outside of Ontario you likely will be asked to complete some math assessments to best determine which math course to select.  You may also be asked to do this if you attended an Ontario school quite some time ago.

The topics on each of the registration math assessments are listed below.  Feel free to watch the videos above to help you prepare for the assessment questions.  The online tools listed above may also be helpful in preparing and they will be useful while you are a student at AHS.  

Assessment 1: whole number and integer calculations, decimal number calculations, order of operations, percent calculations, square roots, ratios, rates, basic fraction calculations, plotting points, perimeter, area.  Sample Questions

Assessment 2: algebra skills such as adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing, equation solving, exponent rules, graphing an equation of a line, slope and y-intercept, calculations using Sine, Cosine, Tangent, and aspects of quadratics (parabolas) such as x-intercepts, y-intercept, and the equation.  Sample Questions 

Assessment 3: applying algebra skills listed in Assessment 2, applying trigonometric ratios (Sine, Cosine, Tangent), solving the intersection of two lines (substitution or elimination), Cosine Law, Sine Law, factoring quadratics, solving exponential equations, solving simple trigonometric equations, graphing a trigonometric function.  Sample Questions

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