What is Co-operative Education (Co-op)?

Co-op is a credit earning course where students learn through a combination of workplace and classroom experiences. Co-op allows students to “try out” an occupation, earns them valuable experience, and aids in decision making about future career opportunities. Co-op students develop desirable work habits, positive attitudes and job skills necessary for a successful transition from school to the workplace, apprenticeship, College or University.

Who is Co-op?

Co-op is an option for any student interested in enhancing their employability skills, making a career change or wanting to investigate a career opportunity while earning credits toward their diploma.

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How does Co-op work?

- Co-op is chosen at registration or during option sheets sign up

- A resume and current credit history are provided at time of enrollment

- A mandatory interview is attended with your Co-op teacher

- An in-school orientation is completed at the beginning of the semester

- A suitable placement is secured and an appropriate supervisor designated

- A Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP) is developed by the teacher with the supervisor and student

- Student attends workplace as agreed and follows workplace safety protocol

- Log sheets are completed weekly

- Participation in a Co-op job fair and poster presentation at the end of the semester

- Credits awarded based on assessment of student progress (supervisor input)

What programs are available?

Single credit Co-op:

- volunteer or paid (110 hours, minimum 1.5 hours/day)

Double credit Co-op:

- volunteer or paid (220 hours, minimum 3 hours/day)

Full-time Co-op:

- volunteer or paid (330-440 hours, minimum 4.5-6 hours/day)

- offered to students near graduation when all compulsory credits are completed

- agreement of the co-op teacher and guidance counsellor required

R.E.A.L Program (Return, Earn And Learn):

- students can earn credits toward their diploma while working at their job

How does Co-op benefit me?

- developing current, transferable skills

- exploring career options

- building a network for future employment and references

- facilitating a smoother transition from school to work

- enhances applications for post-secondary or training programs

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For more information, contact the Co-op Department at 613-239-2735, Rm. 233

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